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AdGames project is a mobile and web game creator designed for reinforcing marketing campaigns. With AdGames you can drive your customers engagement through gamification by producing fully customized advergames for iOS, Android and web platforms. No coding or technological know-how required. AdGames analytic tools will give you insight on how your customers were involved in the game and how they interacted with your brand.


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Customizable advergame


Super easy game creation
and customization

AdGames enables you to spread the incoming traffic into a number of servers and thus you will be able to optimise the usage of the resources and raise the reliability of the application. Even if a failure of one of your servers occurs, you can rest as- sured that your online business is still available and your customers can use it freely.

AdGames mobile game generator

Instant game generating
and launching

Users can preview the created game in the browser and when the design and content is ready it can be build in just a couple of steps. First step is to pick preferred platform (or all of them) from iOS, Android or web. Clicking 'generate' builds an app that is ready to be placed on App Store, Google Play or chosen website.

AdGames mobile game generator

Flights price prediction

AdGames enables you to track the success of your game marketing campaign. Each game includes built-in statistics that can be accessed from the AdGames panel. With AdGames you can check and measure the engagement of your game's players. You can check for how long, how many times, where and on which platform users played your advergame.


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