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App and widget for flight search

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A simple One-Way, Round Trip & Multi Destination Shopping application that follows standard shopping flow. Additionaly app provides visual insight on fare trends and can be embedded on any page as a white label widget.


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Bargain Finder Max flight search


flight search

Bargain Finder Max provides an advanced flight search. The main purpose of BFM is to provide classic One-Way, Round Trip & Multi Destination Shopping flows that we experience in other online travel websites.

Bargain Finder Max flight itineraries

Itineraries and
flight details

Bargain Finder Max provides comprehensive search results with all the needed details on flights. Flight search results are presented with additional sorting options (Sort By Price, Flight Duration, Departure Time Take-Off, Arrival Time to final destination). Whatsmore, BFM will point out the Best flight connection (based on flight duration, stops and costs), the Cheapest flight and the Fastest trip.

Bargain finder


Bargain Finder Max is empowered with fair forecasting technology provided by Sabre REST APIs. BFM visualy presents simple top Low Fare History Range Indicator of how Fare has trended in the last 2 weeks.

Bargain Finder Max widget

White label

BFM Low Fare History Trend is also available as a widget you can embed on any website with your branding. Widget works as a graph that presents how flight fares trended for this connection in the last two weeks in a clean, visual way.


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