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Robust CRM for real estate agencies

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Cloud based application, built from ground up for real estate agencies. All tools needed for property, client and company management in one place. Platform provides robust features for running property business and streamlining sales process.


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Broker systems sales planner


Sales planner
for leads

Working in real estate requires aptitude for good reason organization. Real estate agents need to keep track of multiple properties, clients and transactions. Sales planner is the first screen user sees when signed in to Broker systems account. It's meant to give broker a quick snapshot of all important activities going on each week. Sales planner is a robust calendar like tool for managing relationships with clients. It provides extensive organizational features which enhance sales efficiency. Juggling appointments and tasks is a fact of life for the successful agent. The big advantage of using leads is that the broker can be sure has account will remain organized. Clear tracking of all activities and tasks leads in more closed deals.

Broker systems email server

Intergration with external
real estate websites

Broker systems offers out of the box native integrations for pushing and pulling data to external systems. Automatic upload of all property listings to popular real estate websites. Instant updates for all offers. Once property details are changed, Broker systems automatically updates the offer on every partner website.

Fully functional email server
inside Broker systems

Integration with users own domains in just a few simple steps. Broker systems provides a professional email client inside the application. Access to mailbox from inside Broker systems with just one click (no reloging needed). For administrators and managers - ability to create new mailboxes for new and existing employees.

Broker systems website creator

Website creator
for real estate agencies

It takes just a couple of minutes to create a fully functional website for real estate agency. Users can easily update the content and looks of the website without any IT knowledge. Website is automatically integrated with Broker systems featuring all (instantly updated properties). Website has a built-in advanced search with map and filters. Visitors can easily contact brokers via websites contact forms.

Broker systems search engine

Property data base
and advanced search

Easy to manage listings and properties with all images and documents. Going through property data base made super easy with powerful listing search with map search and additional filters. Automatic intelligent matching of properties and leads for perfectly addressed audience and more closed deals.

Broker systems property listing

Fully branded

One-click generating of pdf files with properties selected for clients, branded with agency logos and colors. Brokers can send any listing through email linking to details on their website using a set of predefined templates. Emails are automatically personalized with the client's info and filled with broker's contact information.

Broker systems reports and analytics

Insightful reports
and analytics

Broker systems analytics module can visualise anything go give users control of their work. A customizable, easy-on-the eye dashboard that tells the "story" of the agency at first look. A quick look at reports dashboard gives an immediate account of all property listings, transactions in progress and employees work. Each agent can see how effective his work is by taking a snapshot of the dashboard. Managers can motivate their team by setting goals and providing motivational statistics.

Broker systems agency managment


Broker systems lets administrators and managers manage entire agency not just clients. With shared calendars managers know exactly what each agent is doing. Broker systems gives a complete picture of what the agency is working on and what needs to be done. Broker systems helps ensure that every lead is followed up with. Reports module comes in handy to measure employees activity and commission tracking and analyze how to help the agency's business grow faster.

Broker systems smart notifications

Smart notifications
and reminders

Broker systems provides users with automated reminder system, real time updates and smart, conversational notifications. Nofifications inside Broker systems are helpful, personal, time-sensitive and relevant. Software gathers and analyzes all the data to create valuable directions for the user.


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