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Server solution which increases reliability and safety

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Cometari Cluster is a comprehensive solution which increases reliability and safety of online business. If you run an online store or have an airfare search engine or any other system which must operate in a continuous mode, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and if you can't afford any downtime periods, you should check out Cometari Cluster designed especially for your business.


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Cometari Cluster scalable appliactions


Scalability and reliability,
zero downtime

Cometari Cluster enables you to spread the incoming traffic into a number of servers and thus you will be able to optimise the usage of the resources and raise the reliability of the application. Even if a failure of one of your servers occurs, you can rest assured that your online business is still available and your customers can use it freely.

Cometari Cluster application performance


Due to the fact that the application is deployed on many servers you can be assured that the service is operating smoothly - efficiently - the load is spread between servers which belong to the cluster. Such a configuration enables you to increase the number of transactions you handle as well as the number of users at a time. It also helps you to pinpoint vulnerable spots of your information system and single points of failure.

Cometari Cluster server-side monitoring

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Once deployed, Cometeri Cluster is constantly monitored - thousands of metrics connected with network traffic are collected by monitoring devices. Our engineers analyse the data looking for bottlenecks and delays in your system. Cometari Cluster also enables you to get ready for unplanned increase in traffic. You can also do the capacity planning.


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