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Halfway lets you discover destinations that you have never portrayed as a perfect meeting spot. We've created a unique search solution that corresponds to the need of a seamless travel fro groups and individuals. Halfway is empowered to build personalized travel packages that meet each team member expectations. For the ease of use application has a custom build bot that integrates to Slack conversations.


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Halfway Flights Search Engine


Super smart
search engine

Halfway lets you discover destinations that you have never portrayed as a perfect meeting spots. We've created a unique search solution that corresponds to the need of a seamless travel for groups and individuals. We have incorporated a unique algorithm to create an intelligence powered search engine. It anticipates your needs and presents you with a tailored set of destinations and flights connections.

Halfway Slackbot

Halfway bot -
Slack integration

By integration to Slack, app provides ease of use and creates a natural space for conversations between fellow travelers. Streamline organising all of your team's travels by adding Halfway Slackbot to your conversation. Our super friendly concierge will take care of all of your travels. Halfway Slackbot uses natural language processing to imitate human behavior. It is always online helping you with searching and booking. It also remembers all your itineraries so if you need help just ask!

Halfway direct bookings

Direct bookings

No waiting. Book your whole trip instantly from the app. With Halfway App travel planning and trip management is just much easier. We take care of all of it - from early planning to post trip. By incorporating airplanes, hospitality and on site activities you can book a whole lot more by filling a whole lot less with optimized booking process. Booking flights online is thought to be really tedious to complete. Halfway's approachable and friendly interface will guide you through the booking process in just a couple of steps creating an aesthetically pleasing and delightful interaction.

Halfway search engine

Full personalized

Halfway App uses the most complex cognitive methods to acquire new insights into traveler behaviors. The goal is for the app to eventually perfectly know the behavior of the user and create fully personalized profiles. Halfway personalizes the travelers' journey by understanding users' behavior and predicting what they will need even before they begin the booking process. App offers unique travel products and services that are perfectly suited to users' preferences. Halfway App will help you make the best of your travels by making them perfectly tailored experiences.

Halfway notifications

On road

Complete travel experience and support when on the go. Stay connected with a set of en route notifications that will guide you throught your whole trip. When you're on the go and it's time to check-in use our at the ready system to do it in just one click.

Offline access
for mobile application

Never forget your gate number or departure time with a set of offline itineraries, available on your mobile phone. With Halfway App you can quickly access all your travel plans on the selected device.

Halfway flight deals

Price tracker &
best deals alerts

Halfway App deliver updates on flights that match your profile and bargains you cannot miss. With our fair forecast advice, you always know the right moment to book the flight. There is no need for you to search for the best bargains - Halfway will bring them to you. We have competetive rates for all travel needs and price alerts that let you book with confidence. Plus if you travel as a bigger group we will give you even more exclusive prices.

Halfway calendar synchronization


Halfway plays nicely with popular calendar tools. You can connect our app to the online calendar you are using. We will push your trip's schedule into your favourite tool. Own your time by getting a comprehensive view of all your meetings and trips.



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