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Integrate your app to Sabre Dev Studio API

At a Glance

A set of integration libraries that will make it easy to access the comprehensive collection of REST and SOAP APIs from Sabre Dev Studio. Libraries provide authentication and token handling for making subsequent shopping state-less calls (REST) or for state-full transactions in SOAP technologies.


  • Sabre Dev Studio


  • Travel & Hospitality


  • Backend Development
Integration libraries authentication



Integration libraries handle authentication coprehensively allowing your app to securely consume the Sabre API collection. Fill in your own security credentials and get access to Sabre APIs. The intagration library will handle tokens and errors, so that you can get a head start with development of your custom app.

Integration libraries workflows

End to end

Libraries provide examples of real life workflow scenarios supported by the Sabre API portfolio. Commonly used programming tasks, like API calls and error handling are already solved in the libraries provided. Libraries include best practices to overcome development hurdles and are refreshed frequently. Workflows presented in the sample code represent common transactions and search issues that will help you build your next application smoothly. You can use the typical code samples you'll find in the libraries as a reference and foundation starting point for developing your own application.

Integration libraries open source


Sample code Libraries are under Open Source License. Infuse your apps with travel shopping and intelligence capabilities provided by Sabre Dev Studio REST and SOAP APIs. Visit Sabre Dev Studio GitHub repositiories of the integration libraries and get a hands-on understanding of Sabre APIs by studying, building, and modifying integration libraries.

For modern web development technology, see Ruby on Rails REST library.
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If you are developing on the Microsoft .NET platform, .NET SOAP and REST library can guide you.

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