Backend engineering

We are tech-savvy

Cometari provides well architected and documented backend code that is scalable, robust and fit for purpose. We help companies solve their business problems by developig custom solutions which solve their user's problems. Our solution architects renders possibilities effecitvely endless by enabling applications to talk cross-platform with secure and transactional communication via a web based middleware.

Backend engineering

Services we provide


We build backend platforms which provide complex services, for example managment of products, notification systems, search engines and more, all from one platform. Ready to be intergrated with client-side or other server platforms.


At Cometari, we create superfast, powerful search engines that are tailored to your product's needs and requirements.


Get your applications talking with professional systems integration development. Cometari creates powerful web services that can communicate with whatever you need.

Technologies we use

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Professional backend engineering is what
will expand your business frontiers