Big data computing

We are data driven

Big data requiries exceptional technologies to efficiently process large quantities of data and we are experts in this cutting-edge technologies. We are utilizing sophisticated mathematical modeling supported by the fastest algorithms implemented in Big Data computing frameworks like Hadoop and Spark. We also perform complex data analysis based on distributed set of data (Hive), databases (Cassandra) ad efficient server centres. We create solutions that can scale to billions of objects spannig hundreds of machines across multiple datacenters with no single point of failure. Our team of experienced data engineers and business-savvy data scientists is what really make us stand out.

Big Data Computing

Services we provide


Look into the minds of your potential customers and present them with products or services that the really need and like to boost your revenue.


We transform raw, mostly unstructured data and turn it into valuable insight for the client's company that can improve efficieny and incomes.

Big data

We build large-scale, fault-tolerant systems for high-volume enviroments, such as web platforms serving milions of visitors available 24/7/365.

Technologies we use

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Creating data driven products
will help your business stay competetive